It’s been a busy month–just not here on the blog.

A few updates:

–Indy Pod Theater, my new venture recording plays by Indiana writers in front of a live audience, is about to both web-publish its first production and put a call out for full-length plays for consideration in 2020. Keep an eye out here for posting (in the meantime, you can listen to past episodes of the Lou Harry Gets Real podcast). And contact for more information or to submit your work.

–I have a few new pieces up at Midwest Film Journal. First, my thoughts on “Cats” catsand, second, my contribution to MFJ’s “Our Star Wars” series of essays. My piece? Another look at that moment in history when Star Wars met Donny and Marie Osmond for a musical, well, something.

–Over at Quill magazine, which I edit, I contributed a piece on the Society of Professional Journalist’s Casper Project looking at media distrust. You can find the entire issue here.  Just click on the issue on the right and flip through.

–My latest NYC trip led to the following batch of reviews for TheatreJones. Alas, most of these shows have now closed.

–We’re gearing up for the annual January cold cold reading at Indy Actors’ Playground. That’s where Paul Hansen and I pick a script and cast the show but the actors have no idea what they will be reading until they open sealed envelopes and start the show. More info on this event and IAP’s monthly shows here. 

–I was honored once again to contribute to the scrum known as the Indiana Film Journalists Association’s annual best of the year awards. You can find the results here . I’ll be posting my personal favorites here before the ball drops on NYE.

–I’m sure I’m missing something. Enjoy your holidays.