Ten takeaways from the “Funny Man: Mel Brooks” by Patrick McGilligan:Mel Brooks

1. Every creative project is a crap shoot.
2. Arrogance sometimes wins, sometimes not.
3. If Brooks and Eartha Kitt can have an affair, any sexual combo is possible.
4. Before making “Blazing Saddles,” Brooks tried to make a film version of “She Stoops to Conquer.” Lesson: Sometimes, it’s worth taking a dramatic turn from your original plan.
5. We tend to forgive deadbeat dads easier than we forgive many other indiscretions/crimes.
6. Collaboration is usually key to creativity. (Okay, not always the case, but it’s something I believe and it worked for Brooks.)
7. I’m not in any hurry to revisit any Mel Brooks’ films (as much as I originally enjoyed some of them).
8. In 1974, you could play a rape for laughs and still get a PG rating (I’m looking at you, “Young Frankenstein”)
9. I’m glad Brooks hasn’t gotten around to finishing the stage musical version of “Blazing Saddles.”
10. Thomas Meehan remains a hero to me. I’m hoping someone writes a book about him.