A play gets a world premiere outside of the major markets and, most likely, it then disappears, only existing as a memory for the handful of patrons who saw it live.

I’m proud to announce the launch of Indy Pod Theater, a project designed to help prolong the life and reach of new plays while also providing a one-of-a-kind live experience. microphone-1018787_1920

Here’s the release:

Creators of Lou Harry Gets Real, SiteLines Indy collaborate to showcase Hoosier playwrights.

Works by Indiana playwrights will gain a new platform this month with the launch of Indy Pod Theater, quarterly play readings recorded for podcast before a live audience. Produced by the creators of the Lou Harry Gets Real podcast and the SiteLines Indy play-reading series, Indy Pod Theater will feature professional actors reading scripts submitted by playwrights and chosen by an independent panel.

The new series also gives theater fans the opportunity to experience new plays read script-in-hand in a casual setting: Like the monthly Lou Harry Gets Real podcast, the readings will be recorded in front of a live audience at the Aristocrat, 5212 N. College Ave., Indianapolis.

The series will begin on Nov. 17 with actors reading “Rita From Across the Street” by Lou Harry. Set in a New Jersey seaside town, this gentle comedy/drama focuses on a former boardwalk business owner who cares for his troubled brother while forging connections with the family that moves in next door for the summer. As weeks pass, secrets are revealed, the merits of front vs. back porches are debated, and lives are awakened. “Rita From Across the Street” has been workshopped in Indianapolis and presented as a reading in New York City.

“Indy Pod Theater is about lowering barriers,” said Patrick Chastain, who produces Lou Harry Gets Real and will produce the new play-reading series. “It gives audiences the chance to hear fresh theater works at a low cost, allows playwrights to hear their works read by professional actors, and allows them to have those readings captured for sharing with potential producers.”

In November, Indy Pod Theatre will issue a call for submissions of plays by Indiana playwrights. The only restrictions are that submitted plays have small casts and work in an audio format. There will be no fee for submitting plays.

WHAT: The launch of Indy Pod Theater with a reading of “Rita From Across the Street” by Lou Harry

WHEN: Nov. 17 at 6 p.m.

WHERE: Aristocrat, 5212 N. College Ave., Indianapolis

Tickets: Here Indy Pod Theater is a collaboration of Patrick Chastain, producer of the Lou Harry Gets Real podcast; Lou Harry, host of the Lou Harry Gets Real podcast and co-creator of SiteLines Indy and Indy Actors’ Playground; and John Thomas, co-creator of SiteLines Indy and partner in JTPR Inc.

For press inquiries, contact John Thomas, 317.441.3358.

For question about the series, play submission guidelines and to stay informed about upcoming Indy Pod Theater presentations, email indypodtheater@gmail.com