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“Going…Going…Gone”: The Live Auction Comedy

Ed, owner of Ed’s Auction House, is dead.

Now those that knew and/or loved him have to auction off his personal stash of stuff in this interactive hit.

The audience gets play money, the actors don’t know what’s in the boxes they’ll have to sell, and the theater space becomes fully alive with one-of-a-kind, never-the-same-twice fun.

After launching at the 2012 Indy Fringe festival, it settled into an open-ended run, with additional performance at various other locations.

Perfect for theater companies who want to juice up their schedules with a show that requires no rehearsals.

For more information on upcoming performances and photos from past shows, visit the “Going…Going…Gone” Facebook page here.

2 thoughts on ““Going…Going…Gone”: The Live Auction Comedy

    1. While we did a few outdoor shows over the summer, we are still cautious about bringing it back given the audience-interactive nature of the show. We hope to return soon though. Thanks for your interest.

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