The summer was supposed to involve a trek to New York for a “Going…Going…Gone” benefit and a journey to Canada hosting a trip to the Stratford Festival.

When the first got delayed and the second cancelled, suddenly the summer looked wide open. And less interesting.

That didn’t last long.

Theatre on the Square–where we are moving “Going…Going…Gone” to beginning in October–asked me if I’d direct “The Pied Piper of Hoboken,” a play that Tom McGrath and I wrote about 18 years ago and staged in Philly, New York, and elsewhere. It’s been through lots of changes since then (including an attempt to turn it into a musical) but I love the piece and the pleasure it’s brought to audiences and, of course, I said yes. Now that we have a cast, I’m tweaking it yet again for this 50-minute Fringe version. Thrilled that Peter, Ophelia and company will be back on stage.

On top of that, Theatre on the Square will be offering the world premiere of my play “Lightning and Jellyfish” in October. More on this later but suffice it to say, I am thrilled–and will be tweaking this one as well as we head into the fall. I’m looking forward to the announcement of a director.

And there’s more. In addition to finish a really goofy book project that I’ll share more about later, I also wrote a short play for “Indy Writes Books,” an anthology being created by Indy Reads, the adult literacy charity I’ve been hosting events for. I asked was invited to pen a sketch for Q Artistry’s Fringe show. Honored to be asked to be a part of both.

Now back to work….