I’ve been lax in updating this site because so much has been happening on the writing front that time has been precious.

First, my new book, “Gadget Planet” is now out from. You won’t find my name anywhere on it because that’s sometimes how these projects go. I also just finished another humor book for Sterling that I’ll tell you about soon. It’s a goofy one.

Next, I’ve been asked to direct my play “The Pied Piper of Hoboken” for the 2014 Indy Fringe festival. I hadn’t planned on being involved with a show this year, but with some other summer plans shifting and with Theatre on the Square offering me an opportunity to revisit a play I loved working on in Philly and New York about 18 years ago, I couldn’t pass it up. First auditions are tomorrow. The show goes up mid-August.

Theatre on the Square is also hosting a reading of my play “Lightning and Jellyfish” on June 23. Thrilled with the cast lined up. Hope to troubleshoot it so as to get it in shape to shop around. Would love to see this one find a full production. Details here.

“Going…Going….Gone” is on hiatus for the summer, but will return in October. Watch for more info on the Facebook page and/or at www.liveauctioncomedy.com.

I’ll also be teaching a theater writing course at the University of Indianapolis this fall.

Still, no excuse. I’ll be updating here more often. Promise.