And so October winds down with low trick-or-treater expectations and high hopes for a POTUS turnover.

In the meantime, here’s an update on my writing and editing work.

The full-time job at the Society of Professional Journalists continues and includes editing (and sometimes writing for Quill). One of the big pluses is the chance to work with some terrific freelancers, including Rob Pyatt and Jose Solis. Check out their work and the work of other talented folks here. I’m also taking over the national awards programs at SPJ so, if you are a writer or editor, I may be reaching out to you about judging during the next cycle.

At Midwest Film Journal, I’ve had a blast writing about alternative Frankenstein films, the biopic The Glorias, The Boys in the Band, Eat Wheaties! and more. I truly appreciate the freedom the editors at MFJ give me to explore these flicks.

Over at Indianapolis Monthly, I’v recently chatted with comic Brent Terhune and offered Heartland Film Fest tips.

And for American Theatre, I paid my respects to the late Bryan Fonseca.

As for play writing, the work continues. I’ve had two workshop reads of the latest one via Zoom and the generous actors who participated have made it possible for me to see the work the piece is demanding of me. I’m trying to meet that challenge. Stay tuned.

No books on the horizon, but my last one is still available and, sadly, still relevant. That’s “The Little Book of Misquotations.”

Peace and strength to all.

And please vote.