A quick update as we head round the corner on September:

–If you are seeing this the weekend I’m writing it, get over to the Aristocrat Pub for the first anniversary taping of the Lou Harry Gets Real podcast.

My guests for the Sept. 15 taping are Shannon Forsell, Artistic Director & CEO of The Cabaret, singer / songwriter Joshua Powell, and the always delightful improv comic Jim Ansaldo.

“Going…Going…Gone: The Live Auction Comedy” is back. Sort of. We stepped away from the show after a five-year run when we lost our venue (long story). Well, GGG-logo-JPEG-cropped-768x302we were just asked to do a holiday party in December by a business that we did the same for three years ago and had a rollicking good time. So we are opening the door to private parties, holiday or otherwise. Want to treat your team to a party like none they’ve experienced before? More info here. 

–I’ve been doing a lot of writing about board games. Check out the Best Games of Gen Con from Indianapolis Monthly and a review of Watergate for Quill, the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists. Coming shortly: Movie tie-in games in the first of a series of stories for Midwest Film Journal. Will update this post when it’s available.

–My annual A&E Season Preview is now available to IBJ subscribers. You can find it online here.

–And, circling back to the podcast, you can August’s Lou Harry Gets Real here. The episode features Tom Battista, Jimmy Buffett’s stage manager, Indy restauranteur and cultural visionary, the charming old time music group The Half Step Sisters delivering jaunty and sweet performances of four songs, and composer/actress Paige Scott. 

And there’s more to come. Thanks for checking in.