So what’s happening?

Well, on the theatrical front, we had a terrific reading of my play “Rita from Across the Street” in New York, with great thanks due to director/actress Amy Hayes. She pulled together an outstanding casts and the rehearsals and performance were a wonderful journey of discovery. I hope to have the play posted on the New Play Exchange shortly. Of course, any inquiries about possible productions are most welcome. Happy to forward a script to anyone interested. And thanks to all of those who came out to give the play a listen.

I’m also thrilled to be working with the Butler University Theater department on a new play adaptation of “We Are Still Tornadoes,” a lovely and hilarious novel by Michael Kun and Susan Mullen. We’re doing four developmental workshops over the next few months in an effort to create a theater piece that does justice to book. Tall order but I love this challenge. While I’ve adapted novels I’ve written or co-written for the stage, this is of a different order. I want to preserve their voices, not get in the way with mine. More details to come.

On the non-fiction front, my work at continues. I’ve had a few books published this year from Cider Mill Press, including the recent “101 Ways to Work with an Asshole.”

Here’s to a productive and interesting 2018.