It’s 15 minutes before the airing of a CBS Sunday Morning segment that features a book I co-wrote years ago called The Complete Excuses Handbook.

The crew from the shoFeatured imagew came to Indianapolis a few weeks ago to shoot, setting up at Theatre on the Square and then following my co-writer Julia Spalding to her home and me to my IBJ office and to the class I was teaching at UIndy. Apart from the fact that I had to study up on the book, not having cracked its spine in half a decade or so (I had to check with the publisher to see if it was still in print), the day was breezy and fun and, if nothing else, an opportunity to spend time with Julia, one of my favorite writers.

Ten minutes before airing.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on national TV. There was, of course, my 14 seconds on America’s Funniest People back in the 80s. And, yes, if you paused your VCR (you remember VCRs, don’t you?), you can see me in the audience on the Later Today show and on America’s Funniest Videos. But that was about it. My promo work on my books consisted largely of radio segments (personal best: Over 200 for The Love Voodoo Kit) and, yes, I know the “great face for radio” line.

Five minutes before airing.

At this point, it’s about trusting that the raw footage you helped create doesn’t fall into the hands of editors and producers who see value in making me look like an idiot.

Two minutes to airing.

..and about trying to remember how to turn on the TV since my son is still sleeping. The remote has to be around here somewhere….

—-And here’s the segment.