I don’t like doing a “Worst” list. Since I’m not obligated to write about everything that hits screens, I can dodge most trainwrecks.

But that doesn’t keep the disappointments out of sight. What follows are the films I took the time to watch and approached with an open heart and an open mind, only to be left unsatisfied.

I won’t dwell on them in great detail but here goes:

The Eyes of Tammy Faye. A fairly reprehensible attempt to soften the damaging impact this woman and her husband inflicted on the gullible.

Nightmare Alley. I am a fan of the genre. But not when it’s overblown and muddled like this. The original is a half hour shorter and so much stronger. I actually gave the movie screen the finger leaving this one.

Dune. All set-up, no delivery. I get that it’s an epic book. I respect the work. But half a movie is still half a movie. And unsatisfying.

Don’t Look Up. You ever agree with someone and still want them to shut up because they are unfunny and annoying as hell? That’s kind of how this one feels. I’m guessing it play a little better on a TV than the big screen but still…

No Time to Die. I should have been moved by the ending. I wasn’t.

The French Dispatch. The scenes at the magazine are wonderful. Unfortunately, they only make up about 15 minutes of the movie.

House of Gucci. When styles collide.

The Hand of God. You, sir, are no “Roma.”

Last Night in Soho. A strong, fresh opening leads to a bloodbath horror film with deeply mixed messages.

Belfast. There’s beauty here. There just isn’t an arc besides Should we go? Should we go? Okay, we’ll go. And the final conflict is terribly shot, which doesn’t help.

Coming 2 America. Apparently the laughs are somewhere in lost luggage.

The Beta Test. Further evidence that movie critics tend to overrate movies about the movie biz.

Jungle Cruise. All the puns but lacking fun. Who thought the Aguirre: The Wrath of God spirits was a good idea?

Dear Evan Hansen. a.k.a. How not to adapt a stage musical.