So what’s been happening?

Well, work continues (from home) for the Society of Professional Journalists and Freelance work trickles in, although some major assignments were lost as a result of COVID-19. I’ve had a few Zoom play readings and chipped away at some writing projects.

And like (I hope) most of the white people reading this, I’ve been trying to educate myself so that I’m on the road to becoming the anti-racist that I want to be.

That involves both being more direct when I see regressive attitudes on social media (at the risk of losing some friends) and being more direct about my own past, my own privilege, and my own biases.

At some point, writing about the arts, writing about writing, writing about board games, and writing about whatever else will be back in the mix. At some point I’ll be podcasting again and producing theater events again.

Now, though, I think it best just to say, clearly, that #blacklivesmatter .


Now I’ve got more reading — and listening — to do.

Be well,