A quick update on what’s been going on/will be going on.

First, I hope to see some of you at InConjunction, the fan-run science fiction/fantasy/etc. convention July 5-7 where I’ll be:

a) charity auctioneer

b) leading panels on Shakespeare’s fantasies and out-of-this-world musicals

c) hosting my annual pub trivia competition (note to self: finish writing those questions)

d) advising would-be book writers

e) selling my own books (but not very assertively since I won’t have much time to hang out at my table in Authors’ Alley)

f) playing games

Second (and semi-related), I believe I originally met author Maurice Broaddus at Indianapolis-Monthly-June-2019InCon many years ago. He’s recently had breakout success and it was a pleasure shadowing him, learning more about his work both on and off the page, and writing about him for a profile in the July Indianapolis Monthly, on newsstands now. (Are there still newsstands?)

Third, you’ll soon find my review of nine plays–yes, nine–at the Stratford Festival. It will be posted at TheatreJones.com soon.

I also have a piece coming up on Midwest Film Journal on an unusual new film/theater hybrid. Again, posting soon.

Oh, and the Lou Harry Gets Real podcast returns in August.

And Indy Actors’ Playground continues.

And I’ve got this new play to work on.

And the latest issue of Quill to finish.

In other words, I’m having a good summer.


Hope you are doing the same.