December adventures (a calendar of sorts)

Until I try to figure out how to get a WordPress calendar to post, here are some hope-I-can-see-you-there events coming up:

Dec.1: The latest edition of the live auction comedy “Going…Going…Gone” at the Indy Fringe Building at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 and you will probably go home with stuff. Eryn Bowser, Mike Gospel, John Thomas and a player to be named later will be appearing.

Dec. 5: My play “Lightning and Jellyfish” will be performance as part of Butler University’s “Indiana New Works” festival at the Schrott Center. Tickets are $7. Free for students with i.d.

Dec. 16: Hosting the December Indy Actors’ Playground reading at Indy Reads Books. This time, actress Constance Macy selects the play to be read and the cast that will be reading it. As usual, we never announce the play in advance. More info here: 

Dec. 18: Hosting a talkback after a concert version of the new musical “The Circus in Winter” at the Center for the Performing Arts’ Studio Theater. I’ve been following this project since the early stages and look forward to hearing the latest iteration. No info posted yet but keep an eye on the CPA website or that of Actors Theatre of Indiana.



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